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Marine Electronics

Most Powerful, Accurate & Efficient GPS Trolling Motor Available

You will find our speakers in the world’s finest boats… and in the best sounding ones, too!

Total control, simply redefined

Rhodan’s HD GPS Anchor Trolling Motor is the industries leading wireless trolling motor. Rhodan’s 12v,24v,36v applications have you covered whether your fish from John boat or in the 40ft Offshore boat with quad engines. The Rhodan can anchor you to your favorite fish spot within 3 feet!!

With Rhodan’s Patented dual tilt compensated compasses, This allows for several advantages over the competitor’s product. Such as the anchor and jog and track features.

In Anchor Mode, the Rhodan HD GPS Anchor Trolling Motor will hold your boat within 3 feet of where you set it while automatically compensating for wind, waves, and current. Anchor positions can be jogged in 5-foot increments in all four directions by just a click of a button no need to reposition.

In the Manual Mode, the system performs like all trolling motor, allowing the user to wirelessly steer and control the unit. Rhodan has refined the industry by incorporating Thrust Dependent Electronic Steering Control, complete forward and reverse thrust capabilities and anti-wrap-up technology which prevents the power cord from winding itself around the shaft.

In the Track Mode, the Rhodan HD GPS Anchor Trolling Motor allows you to fish your favorite shoreline without continually correcting your boat’s heading. Record intricate paths or routes over 1000 miles long! The track speed is adjustable (10 thrust settings) and the track heading can be changed in precise 5-degree increments, all using the wireless fob. 

Every Rhodan HD GPS Anchor Trolling Motor purchased includes a Wireless Fob with lanyard, Lockable Quick Release bracket,  3-bladed propeller, and a Line-X finish. With your choice of color black or white.


  • State-of-the-art Digital pulse width modulation (PWM) circuitry maximizes efficiency, minimizes heat dissipation, optimizes power and extends battery life. Stay fishing for hours longer on a single charge.
  • Wireless remote control fob lets you control the Trolling Motor while fishing from anywhere on the boat. The fob is waterproof and floats.
  • The HD GPS Anchor+® Trolling Motor can steer the boat while the main engine is at low power settings. This allows the system to troll at higher speeds or to anchor in fast-moving current.
  • Instant “Off” button in case you need it while working a fish.
  • Audible battery meter allows the battery state of charge to be checked from anywhere on the boat using the wireless fob.
  • Stowed position sensor automatically prevents the trolling motor and propeller from operating in the stowed position.
  • Lockable quick-release mount permits unit to be moved for safe-keeping or use on another boat.
  • Durable corrosion-free composite shaft flexes upon impact.
  • Rhodan Trolling Motors have been subjected to thousands of hours of durability testing and actual fishing use.
  • Both Black and White models are designed for saltwater use and are equipped with sacrificial zinc anodes and the trolling motor lower unit and shafts all include Line-X® finish.

Offshore Anchoring Specialists

Not your typical trolling motor. Rhodan is packed with the highest thrust, longest shafts, and most accurate GPS Anchor on the market. GET YOURS TODAY.– 

Marine sound goes high-end.

You will find our speakers in the world’s finest boats… and in the best sounding ones, too!

To build the world’s finest marine speakers, all materials, assemblies and completed systems are tested using advanced salt-fog and UV test equipment, which simulate years of exposure to the elements. JL Audio’s environmental longevity standards far exceed typical industry standards to ensure years of consistent performance in your boat.

Engineering, environmental testing and assembly all take place in our Miramar, Florida facility, ensuring consistent process control and component part quality.

That’s why more and more boat builders and refitters are recommending JL Audio marine speakers.

Since its inception in 1948, when the world’s first fish finder was commercialized, FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. has been responding to the needs of the maritime industry through developing various types of marine electronics. Today, FURUNO is a total marine electronics manufacturer operating on a global scale with a great many loyal customers.

Furuno offers a vast array of products for all types of vessels, both recreational and professional. Our product offerings include:

• NavNet Multi-Function Displays
• Radar
• Fish Finders/Echo Sounders/Depth Finders
• Sonar
• WASSP (Wide Angle Sonar Seafloor Profiler)
• GPS Chart Plotters
• Autopilots
• Instruments
• VHF & SSB Radios
• Loud Hailers

• Satellite Communications
• Marine Monitors
• Marine Weather Products
• AIS (Automated Information System)
• Satellite Compasses & Heading Sensors
• Current Indicators
• Doppler Speed Logs
• BNWAS (Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System)
• Voyage Data Recorders

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