The Best Strategies to Fix Your Damaged iPad Screen in Bradenton, FL

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The personal tablet, especially the iPad, has become an essential tool for communication and computing. These handy devices go wherever we do and, unfortunately, sometimes they don’t handle the journey well. Accidents, wear and tear, and age can all lead to a situation where your iPad might need professional repair and maintenance.

Ensure a Smoothly Running iPad with Quick Fixes for Common Issues

Here are a few steps you can take to keep your iPad running efficiently and to address common problems:


This basic reset can address potential iPad OS or power system issues. Simply find the power button (typically on the top right), press it until the power slider appears on the screen, and then power off the device. Wait for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on.

Hard Reset/Force Restart:

If your iPad becomes unresponsive, a hard reset might be necessary. While not recommended for frequent use, you can reset your device by pressing the “Power” and “Home” buttons together to force a system reboot.

iPad Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi:

Here, a simple Restart might do the trick. If it doesn’t, you can try going to “Settings” to “forget” the network and then restart again, or try to connect to a different network for troubleshooting. If these steps don’t solve the problem, it might be time to bring your iPad to a trusted repair professional like Mobile Fix.

iPad Battery Charging Slowly:

If your iPad is charging slowly, check your charging port for dirt and debris. This is a common problem for devices used outdoors. After cleaning, verify that your cable and charger are in good working order. Off-brand cables and chargers can cause battery charging issues. Also, try to close as many apps as possible while charging to increase charging speed.

What to Do When Faced with a Damaged or Broken Screen

Sadly, a cracked or broken iPad screen can compromise your device’s utility and performance. If you have an Apple warranty on your iPad, you can take it to an Apple Store or send it for an official Apple warranty repair.

However, if your device is no longer under warranty, or if the warranty has expired, it’s strongly recommended to entrust your iPad to a trusted repair professional. While small cracks might not immediately affect the functionality of your iPad, larger cracks and breaks can disrupt the performance of the LCD and digitizer layers.

You might come across aftermarket kits online that provide a DIY solution for iPad screen repair. While these may seem like an affordable option, they often come with inferior-quality components and the repair process can be challenging. A single misstep during the repair can leave your iPad unusable.

As any repairs not carried out by Apple will effectively void the warranty on your iPad, it’s best to rely on a professional for iPad screen repair. Choose an iPad repair service that employs experienced professionals, uses high-quality replacement parts, and provides warranty services for their repairs.

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