Game Console Repairs

Through video game consoles, video games are becoming more and more accessible to all individuals of all ages. Like any other electronic, your Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo console can experience issues the require repair. Whether your console is having trouble powering on, is no longer registering your controller, or is just not functioning properly, our expert technicians can diagnose the cause of your issue and repair your game console.

Game Console Common Repairs

Our Dedicated Team Of Repair Experts Are Always Available To Get Your Game Console Working Like Brand New

HDMI Port Replacement

Hard Drive Repair


Power Issues

Game Console Repair Services | Bradenton, FL

Mobile Fix offers fast and reliable Game Console repair services that include PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. We fix broken Charging Port Replacement, replace console batteries, and also replace the cracked screen and many other problems.

If your game console is not working and you are not sure why to bring it into Mobile Fix? We have the parts, tools, and experience compulsory to get your game console back in working condition! We are able to quickly diagnose any problems it may be having and are able to perform all repairs in our store

Expert Game Console Repair Services

When you need a game console repair service, you can always trust our dedicated and skilled technicians. We have some of the best repair techs in the industry. It doesn’t matter what is wrong with your game console.

If you are looking to get your Game Console and video game repaired, you can always walk into Mobile Fix locations in Bradenton, FL, and talk to our technicians yourself. Otherwise, you can email us with your query, and we will be happy to help you out and provide you with an estimate for the desired service. Contact us today or visit our store to experience professional and reliable Game Console Repair you can count on.

Why Our Customers Love Us


We handle each device as if it were our own! You can count on us for high quality results when it comes to your device repair.


Any of the booking methods we offer are quick and easy! In most cases you can complete your repair booking in a minute or less!


Our team of staff managing online services are scouring the marketplace to make sure that we are competitive across the board. By checking market prices regularly gives us the ability to offer you the best service at the best price!


Don’t just take our word for it, there are hundreds of reviews across the internet.

Fixed Up To Date Pricing

Our team of staff managing online services are scouring the marketplace to make sure that we are competitive across the board. By checking market prices regularly gives us the ability to offer you the best service at the best price!


We know the world as we know it relies on connectivity. We boast the quickest turn around for repair in the USA. Holding the stock we need to deliver In Store appointments and call out services in as little as just 15 minutes, and mail order in as little as 48 hours from posting to receiving. Keeping your downtime to a minimum.

No Nonsense Repair

No nonsense device repair. No Jargon, straight forward knowledgeable staff to answer your enquiries and requests when you need it. Book, Repair Return – We wish everything was that easy.


There are no nasty surprises or hidden charges when your phone arrives with us, if you have booked the correct repair service needed we will complete the repair at the quoted price. If there are any other issues found you will be notified before the new or original repair is carried out. Should you decide not to go ahead, we will be happy to cancel the entire order and return your device.

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Alex Kayrevich
Alex Kayrevich
They were really fast and fixed my Samsung with no problem. Awesome store very clean to.
Madison Seawell
Madison Seawell
Kyle was awesome. I thought my phone was not gonna be able to be fixed after being run over by a car. He took care of it in less than 10 minutes.
Tim Jones
Tim Jones
Fast work, great prices, good people, only place I’ll ever go again for repairs!
Veronica Mahaney
Veronica Mahaney
Fixed my iPhone 11 Pro Max, was extremely professional and gave us a better deal than most other places. We Will strongly recommend this place for any repairs!
dafner Sylvain
dafner Sylvain
Kyle did a excellent job at fixing my phone quickly and went above and beyond to help me.
james c
james c
Quick and easy!very helpful if you need same day repairs
My friend dropped his phone in the toliet at crunch and water got into his phone. Kyle saved his butt from a whopping and i recommend this place for everything. God bless those employees as my friend would be grounded n his butt whopped. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽